Ecologically clean manufacturing of the highest quality and efficiency photoelectric modules. Propagate and promote the use of renewable energy resources.


Solet photovoltaic modules are manufactured using the high efficiency technology of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The 14-17 percent efficiency is achieved by assembling the monocrystalline silicon solar cells into modules. The efficiency of polycrystalline silicon modules reaches 13-16 percents.

Swiss quality

Solet Photoelectric Modules are manufactured using a half-automatic production line corresponding to the European standards and are assembled with a Swiss precision. The main devices of such line that require high precision (such like the laminator and solar simulator) are produced in Switzerland, and the device for SEs soldering into stripes and positioning is manufactured in Germany.

Ecological manufacturing

Aggressive chemical substances are not used in the manufacturing of Solet Photoelectric Modules. The main operation is soldering of SEs into stripes during which waste generated from soldering reaction meets the Cleaner Production standards. The following soldering reaction products are cleaned using high quality steam collectors, in particular and the air cleaned with Hepa 13 filters is discharged into a working zone (the particle size is up to 0.5 micron and the air cleanness is more than 99.95 percent).

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